Thursday, August 18, 2011

Long live the queen!

Ants have always amazed me! The way they act, sometimes, one begins to doubt whether they are individuals or are selfless robots built to serve their queen. No wonder, Darwin submitted to group selectionist thoughts when it came to ants...

Showcasing below, a spectacular group adaptation of army ants to survive Amazon floods.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Value of all the gold ever mined

If Wikipedia is to be believed: 'At the end of 2009, it was estimated that all the gold ever mined totaled 165,000 tonnes'. From
Let us extrapolate the figure to a optimistic maximum of 200,000 tonnes up till 2011. Then, going by the current rate of gold, the total value of all the gold ever mined comes to around 11 trillion dollars.

Now, although the two figures have nothing to do with each other, I found it rather surprising/shocking, that total value of all of the gold in the world is appreciably less, than the amount of debt the US government owes! (~14 trillion dollars)

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