Sunday, August 15, 2010


     Watched the Marathi play 'खिडक्या'(Windows) yesterday. Originally, a German play, it has been translated and adapted into Marathi.
     I will give a 'must watch once' rating! I like plays based on unusual scenarios and uncommon topics. It has been very well directed and both the characters in the play(Jyoti Subhash and Aseem Palande) have done a fantastic job of acting. The script and dialog delivery is excellent. In short, there is nothing that can be removed from the play for the better.
     The play depicts how dementia (cortical, most probably) brings about changes in the life of a cheerful grandma living with her rather inactive husband and interacting on-and-off with her daughter's son. The play is set in current times. Details have been planned and executed pretty accurately from start to finish. The slow introduction of non-sensibility into grandma's dialogues must not have been easy to accomplish.
     'खिडकी' has been used as a metaphor. Once referring to an actual window, and later on, to the Internet. Through the खिडकी (window), the character seeks attention and interest from other people around, to bring colour to her dull, monotonous life.

     Ultimately, I saw the play as another reminder about the stark truth that - the world is in our mind and the mind in our brain. Thus, any problems with our brain can alter our perception of the world to an absolutely unimaginable extent. Had blogged about it some time ago....

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