Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twinks #2

Eight year old exploit uncovered in the Linux kernel http://bit.ly/qwT06

9 out of 10 Americans carry Cocaine with them, unknowingly! http://bit.ly/ojz6b

Female focused explanation of evolution of sexual behaviour - http://bit.ly/fYyhj A tall claim IMHO.

Brave (or oblivious ?) mouse - http://bit.ly/gAdMV Amazing photos

A Formally Correct Operating System Kernel http://bit.ly/4RwQP

How big a cluster can you build? With a little math and the speed of light you can find out http://bit.ly/IlGss

Interesting read - Lies, Damn Lies and File Systems Benchmarks - http://bit.ly/cZDF0 Paper - http://bit.ly/5hihv

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Pranav Ainavolu said...

really kool things!

Anonymous said...

Not bad.

You won't even believe the first 10 seconds of Damien Walters's Showreel 2009: