Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time dilation experiment.

     Came across a really cool experiment on the web. The experiment was about experiencing time dilation. Thanks to general relativity, we know that time slows down with increase in speed and decrease in gravitational attraction(pardon the oversimplification).
      As a personal experiment, this guy takes 3 atomic clocks for a ride, to experience and measure time dilation. He expects to age 23 nanoseconds more than his wife who stayed at home :) His measurements at the end of the expt show that the dilation was between 20-30ns.
Here is the page with photos and details of his setup -
Pretty kewl I think B-)
     Also, do take a look at the world's first atomic wristwatch ;)

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Prashansa said...

I liked the experiment photos in the link.though not the wrist watch....:)

Anonymous said...

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