Thursday, April 23, 2009

I voted.

      I voted! After multitudes of trips to election centres since the last couple of months I finally got my name into the list. I went to a computerized centre near our place to check whether my name is in the list. Amazingly, it was there! They had made it 'Praveen' instead of 'Pranav' but, that is okay. I could vote after showing my driving license. I guess, today is the only day when you can show your middle finger to everyone, proudly ;)
      At the computerised centre, I could not help observing how they were treating the computer. The computers there were loaded with a Visual FoxPro based software (VFP I guess, because the software used DBF files). The machine was a P4 running Windows XP with <= 512 MB of RAM. The search was working at an acceptable speed. Suddenly, the operator realized that the machine was not responding to the keyboard. I was standing close and I pressed CAPS LOCK to check whether the keyboard led would respond. And indeed the keyboard was the problem, the wire was loose. By the time I could replug the wire, the operator had pressed the restart button! For the 15-20 mins I was standing there, she restarted the machine thrice. Only then I realized her expectation. She, very rightly, expected the machine to just work. She neither cared nor knew about filesystems getting corrupted, or the thrashing caused by insufficient RAM or the low speed due to mechanical harddisks. When she saw that, the machine was not performing well, the restart button solved her problem most of the times. In general, for a non-tech person, restarting Windows (rather than going to the root of the issue) is a nice way to temporarily get rid of the problem ;) With all those cold reboots, lets hope that the OS will survive the day...

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Prashansa said...

you are really and truly a "technical" guy!