Thursday, March 26, 2009

My favorite Windows utilities - Part 2

A big limitation of Windows is that, the clipboard is limited to storing only a single item (text, image, file, URL etc). A cut/copy operation irretrievably deletes the previous contents of the clipboard. Actually, Microsoft already has an implementation of a multiple item clipboard which is used in MS Office. I wonder why MS does not ship it with the OS also; probably, some anti-trust regulation or patent royalty prohibits the inclusion.
ClipX is the utility I use to get over this problem. Its a very handy feature, especially for developers, since they have to work on multiple files and cut/copy-paste a lot from here and there (read 'code reuse' ;) ). ClipX can remember upto 1024 clipboard entries! Moreover, it can restore the clipboard state across machine reboots. One can assign a shortcut key for clipX which pops up a menu showing clipboard entries. Selecting one pastes it. ClipX remembers text, bitmap and even files. One can set it to ignore any of the three if not required.

ClipX is free(of cost) and, can be downloaded from here ( size 108KB).

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