Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Am a clairvoyant ;)

Got to know about an interesting site called 'You Just Get Me', thanks to The Mouse Trap.
The site is more of a psychology research experiment designed to understand how and how accurate are people's impressions about one another. The website is developed by a team researchers from Psychster Inc. The case they are studying is something like this - you meet a stranger in a party and form an impression about him/her after observing his/her behaviour for a very short amount of time(a couple of mins may be). A large part of the impression is contributed to by the person's facial expressions. Are there any specific factors which play a major role in assisting one to understand other person's nature, given access to his/her facial expressions and a subset of his/her traits ? According to the researchers at youjustgetme.com -
'For decades, journals wouldn't publish reseach[sic] on this issue, arguing it wasn't valid. If this site is a success and lots of people use it, we're going to strip off all the names (and other identifying information) and tell the world what we learned.'

At YJGM, you have to guess personalities of random people. You can go through their profiles before answering questions about them. After guessing, your guess and the actual personality are compared side-by-side. There is also a more interesting 'Mini Mind-Reading' quiz in which one has to guess a personality
'based on nothing but a thumbnail and a username'. A score of 0.60 over 20 guess fetches you a Certificate of Clairvoyance :D

I got one on my second attempt. Out of haste, I ruined a nice score of 0.8+ which i'd maintained till first 15 guesses in the first attempt :( My average answering time in the second attempt was around 8-10 secs. Since there is hardly any data to analyze, a few seconds are enough. IMHO, the trick is - rather than use the profile picture to guess the personality, use the picture to guess what the person must have thought
in putting up that picture. This gives a bit of insight into that user's personality. Not sure whether this method is correct though...

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sandygautam said...

Hi Pranav,

Was a little freaked out on finding that you could guess my personality so accurately. Now I know that you have clairvoyant abilities in general! Regarding first impressions, do you agree that tow critical factors are how trustworthy the person is and how dominant/capable he looks? speak from you personal experience:-)

Pranav said...

Hi, thanks for the visit :)

'Capable' seems a bit subjective and probably difficult to deduce during a quick judgment, but trustworthiness and dominance are IMO two big things to look out for. I think, for a snap judgment trustworthiness can be reduced to consistency in speech and action and, overall sincerity of displayed expressions.
Another thing i feel is, a considerable amount of processing regarding first impressions and gauging people is done behind the curtain of consciousness. So sometimes, i prefer to go with my 'intuition' even if there does not seem any logical reason for the choice.

Shreyas said...

reminds me of the movie Mindhunters - a team of 'profilers' doomed on an island. good movie, if you haven't seen it