Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Dagar concert.

Last Sunday I went to the felicitation ceremony and concert of Khansahib Ustaad Saeeduddin Dagar at Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune. The Dhrupad genre which originated in songs of deity workship is said to be at least 500 years old; much older than the popular Khyaal form we hear today. The Dagars are descendents of Tansen's guru Swami Haridas from the 15th century. According to Ustaadji, he himself is a ninteenth generation Dhrupadiya, and his sons twenteeth!
Overall, the programme was well arranged. It was sure to attract crowd since, Ustaadji was performing in Pune after a gap of three years. There are few Dhrupad gayaks in Pune and, even fewer Dhrupad concerts.

Here are a few snaps (click on them to enlarge) i managed to click-

To get a good seat, i went a bit too early :)

Finally, it looked like this. Nice.

The programme started with Saraswati vandan.

Guests on the dias - (from left) 3rd - Marathi music director Salil Kulkarni, historian Babasaheb Purandare, Dagarji himself, and Bhimsenji's shishya Upendra Bhat sitting second from right.

Ustaadji being felicitated by the 'Swaragayatri' award

The aalaap begins...
Ustaadji with his sons.

As is the Dhrupad tradition, the aalaap lasted lasted for a considerable amount of time. Ustaadji displayed some interesting meends during the concert. I am too inexperienced to judge, but considering his age of 70, I think he sounded great. Considering the time of the day, I was expecting Marwa or Pooriya or Multani or some other evening raga, but surprisingly he rendered Malkauns.
I felt that a raga is a bit easy to recognize/appreciate in the Dhrupad style than in a Khyaal. May be, it is a newbie characteristic, but i have felt the same thing earlier too.
An energetic Jor in Chautal and Sool taal...

Dagarji after the performance, humbly thanking the audience and the organisers.

This one was another nice concert to attend...

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