Friday, January 30, 2009

LOD 2A - A very useul tool for sharing links.

Here is a sample sqworl that i created -

   My common usecase is  - A friend ask for some links during an online conversation. I paste them then and there. Later some time, eithier I myself  need them or the same friend asks for them again. It becomes time consuming to search and retrieve them from the chat history; worse still - if the chat client does not store history(Yahoo messenger for eg) then, the links are gone forever.  Sqworl comes in  handy here!

   Another use is to share links in an email. A small short link looks much better than a bunch of long ones. Also, there is no risk of newlines or any other characters breaking up the link(s).

Sqworl reminds me of Microsoft's ThumbTack but, sqworl's UI is extremely plain,  simple, efficient and loads in an instant as compared to thumbstack.

P.S: For the uninitiated, the LOD (Link Of the Day) counter is in hex. Thus, this is actually the 42nd LOD. Yes, 42 - the answer to life the universe and everything ;)

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