Monday, December 15, 2008

Sawai over :(

The Sawai Gandharva music festival about which i had blogged here and here ended yesterday (technically today :) ) at around 1 in the morning. Yesterday and day before saw many superb performances from both senior and upcoming artists. Most notable (in my opinion) were Pt Rajan and Pt Sajan Mishra (vocals), Ganesh and Kumaresh (violin), Ronu Mujumdar (flute), Vinayak Torvi (vocals), Tejendra Mujumdar(sarod), Aruna Sairam(carnatic vocals) in addition of course to sangeet martand Pandit Jasraj ji! Pandit Jasraj won the hearts of the crowd as usual. For an octogenerian, the range, stamina and quality he displays is simply beyond imagination!
As usual, the fest ended with Pune's own Kirana gharana torch bearer Shrimati Prabha Atre. She demonstrated a couple of kaunses. The ease with she sings at the age of 75 is remarkable! At the end of the program, a record of Sawai Gandharva's Bhairavi is played. Out of respect, people stood as still as they would have during the national anthem. No wonder, Pune is so well known for its art loving crowd.
There are a lot of things to write about, especially about the security arrangements at the venue. Will blog them down in free time...
Clicked a few snaps while i was there. For those who have never been to Sawai, they might give an idea of the immensity. Click here to view them.
Just an year left for the next Sawai, am waiting....

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