Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Programming languages popularity.

Came across the 'TIOBE Programming Community index', it is an index of the popularity of programming languages. They have calculated it by using data from various search engines and sites which have an appreciable Alexa rank . Importantly, it is not the number of lines of code that exists of a language. They also have graphed past 6 year trends for various languages and displayed data for various categories of languages. The interesting thing to note is the rise of dynamically typed languages and the fall in statically typed languages. Since, in the past few years Python, Ruby, JavaScript and PHP have gained much popularity (and importance too), the graph seems logical. The index can be viewed here . The way they calculate the ranking is given on this page.
    Another site which uses similar technique to determine popularity of languages is Langpop .
Although both these rankings are not precise, they certainly are good indicators of popularity.

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