Thursday, December 25, 2008

Online vs print reading.

A one pager about the findings about differences in reading online vs reading a physical book. I enjoy reading a book much more than reading online. And, I've observed that I remember more from what I have read from a book/newspaper. But, reading online has a big advantage - there are a lot of references available and, any new word/concept can be immediately searched and read about. But sometimes, this facility itself turns into a disadvantage. I often realize that, when reading about a previously unread subject, my online reading becomes a breadth-first traversal of all the links. I start from some topic and after a few minutes, I land up reading an entirely different subject with tens of tabs open in my Firefox window. This surely takes a toll on my comprehension and recall of the topic I started out with. Of course, in this case, it is myself and not the technology to be blamed.

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Leo said...

I've noticed I get side-tracked too online, but it increases my knowledge significantly doing it all the time (I end up working backward to read the original tab too).

I haven't noticed a difference in retaining knowledge between online and hard copy...yet.

Online is fine as long as the refresh rate is high enough for the flicker to go unnoticed not hurting the eyes and causing headache.