Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two suckers gone.

Mr Shivraj Pail - the home minister of India and Mr R.R Patil - the Depty Chief Minister of Maharashtra have resigned following their failure to secure Mumbai and, the nation in general. Their resignations are just a face-saver for the ruling Congress party, in the center as well as in the state.
       Intelligence agencies, in India, as well as the US had intimated possible terrorist strikes via the water route. But, the officials and govt were too busy not performing their duties. All the hints were either neglected or not taken as seriously as they should have been.
      The problem is that, the maximum a politician can lose is his post, power and earning capacity but, the maximum a common man can loose is his life and family! The tragedy is that politicians have nothing to lose, absolutely nothing, compared to the man on the street! Even after the Indian politician loses his post, he retains money and power more than enough to feed at least next 3 generations of his. While a minister, he will always have hundreds of security men around him wherever he goes. No matter how unsafe a state becomes for the man on the street, the minister will always be secure at the cost of his security men.
      More should be at stake for the politician. The first time a terrorist attack happens, all the security for the responsible minister should be withdrawn, as a punishment. Let him feel the risk a common man feels. The next time an attack happens during his rule, he should be sacked, no questions asked. Moreover, he should be penalized by not giving him at least one month's salary. If a terrorist attack happened, then, it is evident that he did not work well, so he does not deserve to be remunerated for that work. Like the common man lives in fear, the politician should live in a constant fear that, any lethargy on his part would get him out immediately. Only then, there is a chance that, they will work seriously for those who voted for them.
Jai Hind!

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Rohan said...

Think for a moment if the politicians perform their duties perfectly and the security is top notch. Do you honestly believe that there wont be a terror attack then? And if there is one would you let it go given the politicians have performed their duties?
I understand how you feel, and personally I am extremely happy to see what people power can do in this country and how these orthodox politicians had to give up. But, it is a typical bottom-up approach we have always used to fight terror. We cant stop the radicals by showing them we have tightened our borders. This will give them more pleasure in breaking those borders using more 'creative ways' (read 9/11). I mean how far can you practically go? one commando per person? X-ray scanning at every street corner?
What we need is a battle at the top most level in the world intelligence. Come up with evidences about who these people are and how they get their supplies and which states sponsor this BS? I am sure that these groups get their ammo and supplies through money; they buy it, they dont 'make' it. They cant make an AK47, they buy it from Russia. They cant make RDX, they buy it from US and Canada. You have to pressurize these producing countries to stop producing and supplying these ammos. Second- identify the people behind it, I bet there are only a handful most influential individuals behind this, who are under the protection of some organizations and states. With a global co-operative intelligence and a strong political stance, you can get these people down. These people are like Nazis, except that they are hidden, this doesn't mean they cannot be eradicated.
War on Afghanistan and Iraq was the best thing that could have happened. The best thing is that we need not repeat it, but show the defaulting states, what would be done to them. Its upto our top leaders to convince the world to act in this direction.
Sacking RR and others is mistaking a huge problem for a very small issue. A big problem needs big steps to be taken. Here we are deceiving ourselves by assuming the situation to improve by taking small measures.

Pranav said...

I agree 100% on all that you've said. Stopping a brainwashed maniac from gunning anyone down is impossible even with the most advanced technology and 24/7 vigilance. And that, if we could stop their funding, we could stop terrorism.
But, the politicians should be taught a lesson because, they failed to do even the minimal. They failed to supervise actions in spite of IB and others warning them about the attacks. I am happy that we had enough intelligence that we could warn about the attack. We not taking any timely action on the intelligence is the problem that has to be tackled now. Sacking one minister and bringing another in his place employs an implicit assumption that, the new one won't commit the same mistakes and lethargy as the sacked one did.