Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Had never thought that, the post count would ever reach 100 on this blog. But, surprisingly that did happen! This is the 101st. Of course, not all the posts have been 'post's in the true sense, some of them have been mere links. But still, i am happy about the fact that, if i decide, i can do something persistently for months.
The main deterrent in continuing to write a blog is that - there is no payoff. Since i do not run ads on my blog, there is no (even theoretical) chance of income from it. Also, I know that, I am not a great blogger so that, one day my blog will be big and famous and in turn, it will make me famous. In fact, a blog cannot become famous until it is focused on something (like for eg Om Malik's or Jeff Atwood's). This blog, on the contrary contains stuff about a super-wide variety of things - from computer viruses to evolution to classical music and even photos of my treks. Then why am i into writing this ? In the time i've spent writing all these 100 posts i could have finished reading 2 good books. The only reason i can spot is - the joy of creativity. However small and insignificant for the world, I am creating something which was not there before.
Hopefully, this joy of creativity will egg me on further.
Thanks for reading and, keep reading...

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