Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another trek.

Last Sunday, we friends went for a trek to a fort named 'पुरंदर' (Purandar). It is a small climb, takes around 70-80 mins to reach the top(via the 'Bini darwaja') and further 15-20 mins to reach the Rayreshwar temple located at the edge of the fort. We were eight of us. It was a quick decision taken late Saturday night; in contrast to many of our meticulously planned trips which are yet to happen. We decided to leave late morning(sevenish), rather than, decide to leave very early morning and leave late morning ;)
For me, the trek was not the only attraction, more important was the fact that we were going to go on bikes! I love my bike and, am always waiting for a chance to drive it. Driving a Bullet is a wonderful experience! More on it sometime later...
Overall, it was fun. Rode the bikes hard. Although the weather was sunny, we enjoyed the trek quite a lot. This time, i did not make the mistake i made last time and wore light weight sport shoes to the trek :)

Here is snap of the statue of the great warrior Murar Baji Deshpande -

Here are some more snaps .

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