Thursday, October 30, 2008

Google SMS channels.

Google has launched an interesting service called SMS channels. A 'channel' is something like a mailing list for SMSes. The SMS sent through the channel is broadcast to all those who have subscribed to that channel. But, unlike a mailing list, you cannot reply to the SMS you got via the channel.
     Anyone can go to (for India) and subscribe to the already present 'channels' or create his own. The good part of the service is that - it is free :) The bad part is that, the delivery is not at all reliable(at least for Indian channels). I was planning to create a channel for us friends and use it to 'push' meeting times and other plans to everybody at once. But, i observed that the message might take from a few seconds to 12 hours to reach the reciever. So, the service cannot be used for such purposes. But, it is ideal for sending jokes and advertisements. Worth giving a try.
    You can also try out It is a service similar to Google's. I am subcribed to it for more than an year now and have got some nice jokes from them :)

PS: I've created a channel which will let you know about new posts on this blog. You can subscribe to it from here

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ashwinmoily said...

You can also try

Pranav said...

Ohh...did not know about it. Seems cool. Thanks :)