Friday, October 17, 2008

Google helps.

No doubt Google helps. Google has attained an extremely important position in the lives of software developers like us. And not just us, Google has an extremely useful offering for non-technical people too - Google local.
A couple of years back, I was in a small shop to get something photocopied, when i noticed a Google logo stuck on the wall. I asked the owner about it and he said, 'गूगलची माणसे आली होती इथे' meaning, people from Google were here. That day, i discovered a wonderful service called 'Google local'.
   It is amazing that, Google actually hired people to visit shops in lanes and bylanes of Pune to collect information. From wheel alignment to dentists, google local knows about everything and, more importantly, it can pinpoint the location on a map. Another splendid feature is that, you also get to know the phone numbers of the shop. Thus, google local becomes a yellowpages killer! A search for 'computer hardware pune'  gives a whopping 862 results!
   Since the day i've told him, my dad (and his colleagues in the office) has started using the service effectively. Nothing better :)

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