Thursday, October 2, 2008


While surfing, i stumbled across - Google's new application engine. By using the app engine infrastructure, Google allows you to host your own web application on Google's servers. You can go through the documentation, starting here.
I decided to give the engine a try and so, wrote an app using the engine. The app engine is extremely easy to use and, the interface to upload stuff is really simple and non-clumsy. Google also provides support for Django(an MVC framework) amongst other things. One of the reasons i liked the engine was because, it employs Python - a highly productive language IMO. Google has been a proponent of Python since long and they have continued their support for Python, at appspot. Google internally uses Python on a large scale and, i suspect that, they must have rewritten quite a bit of it to suit their needs (similar to what Facebook has done to PHP).
You can check out the app i wrote at :)

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