Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google chrome anomaly ?

Installed Google's much hyped 'Chrome' web browser. There is nothing impressive in it, if you ask me.
I do not intend to review Chrome here, this is a post about something interesting i found.

Here is a screenshot of Chrome's 'about:memory'.

[click to enlarge]

This page shows the memory usage of chrome and other browsers running at that instant.
The encircled figure on the left (49,556k) is the resident memory size of chrome and, that on the right (49,176k) is the size of the virtual memory allocated by it. AFAIK, the virtual memory size for any process should always be greater than (or equal to) the resident size, since VM size includes swapped out pages as well. But, here, the resident size is shown to be greater than the VM size! The same anomaly can be seen for IE and Firefox numbers too, in fact, the irregularity has become even more pronounced.
I wonder what this is - a bug in their software or in my understanding :-/

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