Friday, September 19, 2008

Gmail's new feature.

Gmail recently launched a new feature which i was waiting for since long. The feature is - gmail shows a popup if, from the text in your mail it infers that you have forgotten to attach the attachment.
Since google already scans and analyses(to some extent) the content of every mail while its being written (otherwise how do they show relevant ads?), this feature was a long overdue. Finally, they have put it in. Its  an experimental feature in Gmail labs; disabled by default.
  Unfortunately, the way they have implemented it is saddening, to say the least :( It can detect only the very obvious mentions of an attachment. Things like 'I have attached the file/photo/image/it' work. But 'Have attached the file/photo/image/it' doesn't! The commonly used shortform 'PFA' doesn't work, even if its the only thing in the body of the email :( I tried out many other constructions which failed to bring the prompt. From a company that is the pioneer and present leader in search and analysis of text, such a debacle was unexpected (even for an experimental feature). If an experimental feature is so poorly done that it will hardly be useful then, it won't be used and tested and the whole point of releasing it early becomes void.
   Hopefully, someday Gmail itself will be out of  'Beta' and so would the many features advertised...

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