Saturday, September 6, 2008


Seriously! Blogger sucks big time! Blogger is not shown to be in 'Beta' like Google's tens of other services so, one can expect it to work well. The only reason they might not have put a 'Beta' tag on Blogger is because, Blogger might be in Alpha!
I was totally frustrated while customizing my template. Over time, I've changed quite a few things. Every now and then i get this:

What the heck ? Why do we have to 'Describe what you were doing' ? Can't the server figure that out ? I do not expect it to correct my CSS syntax or supply missing tags automatically when i submit the template. But, does the server not even keep a note of what action generated the error ? And why does the user have to supply the 'additional information' to Blogger support which the server itself has generated and displayed ?? Can't it be associated to the error code ?

Initially, i thought i was getting things wrong and writing incorrigible code. But, today i met that screen all the time. Finally, i removed all my changes and submitted the template as it already was on the server, without any changes at all. Even then i got the error. Thats when i realized that Blogger sucks! I tried to check whether anybody else felt the same thing. Google gave me 8,540,000 results for this.

Now thinking of switching to Wordpress...

P.S: Bugs are not the only reason that i'm looking for alternatives. I wish there were some more features in blogger. Hopefully, i'll find them somewhere.

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