Monday, September 1, 2008

Bike trip!

Three of us - Kedar, Mangesh and myself, went on a bike trip in the rain. Initially we'd decided to go to Rajgad. But, we changed the plan and decided to explore untreaded roads...

It was a fantastic trip! We stayed at Mangesh's place that night. An acquaintance in the village told us about a waterfall at some place called Kelad. We decided to go there instead of going to Rajgad the second time. The roads were bad esp. for the pillion rider, but the natural beauty around was just amazing! We never expected to find so many waterfalls, and such dense a forest in that area. The destination is yet to become popular, for we hardly saw anyone on the road during our journey.
After going to Kelad and seeing the waterfall, we decided to return via Panshet. We crossed the valley and rode to Panshet. Even that road was beautiful.
All along the trip, we felt that we'd hit an unexpected bounty of natural beauty!
Snaps here:

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shubhanan said...

tujhi bullet?

Pranav said...

are bullet navhti neli :( Mangesh ani Kedarchya gadya nelya hotya.