Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back after a lull.

For the last five days i was left internetless at home, thanks to India's biggest ISP - BSNL . I'm a BSNL broadband subscriber. BSNL gives ADSL broadband over POTS lines. My phone was out of order for the last 5 days and so was my broadband. In spite of many phone calls and a visit to the office nearby, the problem was not fixed. Some cable, i was told, was cut which had caused several phones in our area to go defunct. BSNL is  famous for its reach all over India and, infamous for its pathetic customer service (if at all it can be called that).
Today evening, finally, the phone and 'net started working. In a way, it was a good test for me. I did not miss the 'net at all. I was netless during the entire weekend too. It was nice to know that i'm not that addicted to the internet...yet :)

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