Monday, July 14, 2008

Pick the right ones!

After a long time, i got a chance to go for a trek. We went to Katraj-Singhagad trek.
The trek starts at the (Satara side) end of the Katraj tunnel and ends at the Singhagad fort. Its not a difficult one at all. There are 7-8 hills to be crossed, a distance of around 15km, plus ~3km walk by road to the top of Singhagad.
The climate was nice. It was windy and raining.
The day before, i was thinking about which shoes i should be wearing. Unfortunately, i picked up the wrong pair, and i had to pay for it all along :( I learnt a small but valuable lesson, which is worth sharing.

The lesson i learnt is: if you have a pair of tough, rugged, water resistant, thick soled Woodlands(or any others) then, the best way to utilize them when going for a trek is to keep them at home! A lightweight pair of sport shoes is always good, unless the conditions demand a really tough shoe. When, i bought my pair of Woodlands, the salesman told me that they are good for trekking and as semi-formals. I did not think much about it then. I decided to put them on for this trek.
Each of my shoes weighs around 800gms. I felt them to be a bit heavy after climbing some distance. Then it began to rain, and there were muddy patches on the way. After getting wet the shoes became even heavier! And, with a lot of mud sticking to the thick sole, the weight rose to around one and a half kg(maybe more) :( The total extra weight was a mere 3kg, but having 3 extra kilos on your back does not make that much a difference, as having one and a half kg tied to every foot. I had to unnecessarily spend extra energy for every step that i took. To add to it, i have a damaged(broken a few years ago) ligament at the ankle, so i generally avoid stressing that foot too much. It pains considerably after some stress, although no long term -ve effect has been observed. Nearing the end, i found a strategy to mitigate the trouble - i started running :) With some momentum, it was a lot easier to lift my feet. I ran through bushes, mud, stones and water. Was the first one to reach the road.

Overall, it was a nice excursion. Next time, whenever i go for a trek, i'll think twice about what footwear i'll wear...

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