Saturday, July 12, 2008

An awesome accessory!

I was searching for a way to play mp3s in our car. We have a 'car tape', but its only a cassette player. I was thinking of getting a new CD player fitted. After thinking about it for some time, i thought it would be better and cheaper if somehow i could give direct audio input to the player and use its amplification and speaker system to play whatever input comes in. I was not sure whether our tape had a provision to do that, in order to connect my mp3 player to it. While discussing this with friends, Mandar told me about a useful accessory.

The accessory is known as 'Car tape adapter' in the market. It is nothing but a cassette, with a wire that has a male audio jack at one end, and is directly connected to the cassette's part which touches the head. Here is how it looks:

Its a nice idea and works well. I bought it from the market near PAsodyA VithobA, Budhwar Peth, Pune. It cost me 75 bucks. The cost of replacing the player with a new one would have run into thousands... :)

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