Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long Live My Prescott!!

My machine was behaving a bit erratically since the last couple of days. It would restart abruptly(happened twice while writing the earlier post ). So, i installed a temperature monitor and it was useful. The temperature was going a bit too high. So, i opened up the CPU and cleaned the motherboard, the RAM modules, fans and removed the CPU fan and heatsink from its mount. No wonder the temperature was rising, the fin gaps were full of dust and the layer of heatsink paste was too thin. After cleaning all the fins, i applied a layer of heatsink paste and put the heatsink back. Then, rebooted the machine and went straight into the BIOS to check CPU temp. Yikes! The temperature was 110° C now !! I immediately powered off the machine, and took a closer look at the mount, only to find that the base of the fins was not touching the processor properly at one end. Fixed that and found the temperature return to the normal 62-65 range.
I was one of the very early buyers of the Prescott. I bought it because i found the 'Hyperthreading' technology interesting, although it did not prove to be of any appreciable practical benefit. There was a lot of hype when Intel released the Prescott around 5 years ago. But, overheating was a major problem with the model . Mine is a 2.8GHz processor and has been working without any serious problem. I hope it lives for long... :)

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