Monday, June 9, 2008


Its been more than an year after i saw a movie in the theatre. Went with Tanmay and Pranav to see 'Valu' yesterday. I liked the movie. It is shot really well. Although, the movie does not have a strong storyline and, the story progresses really slowly, it was an enjoyable watch. The village folk is portrayed nicely. I enjoyed listening to the rural dialect of Marathi. I like the informality and straightforwardness in rural expressions. Girish Kulkarni ('जिवन्या') has acted really well in the movie. It was fun watching a movie in my mothertongue - Marathi. The last marathi movie i'd seen was 'लपंडाव' - around 15 years ago.

But, what made me nostalgic was a small girl sitting in the row behind us. I guess, she must be 6 or 7 years old. She was constantly quering her mother about the characters, dialogs, chases and jokes. At her age, some of the dialogues and jokes were a bit too much for her. As far as i remember, i too used to react the same way when taken for a movie. I wished to understand every thing that every one around seemed to understand and so, i would keep on asking my parents about whatever was going on the screen. They never failed to answer even the stupidest of my questions, inside the theatre and also outside. Each one of my doubts was cleared to my satisfaction. I think, it is not an easy thing to practice and, their patience has made a great difference to me...

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Anonymous said...

Valu is really nice movie! it's not so straightforward to do a simple and yet beautiful movie like Valu. BTW I liked that little girl's part too :)