Monday, April 28, 2008

My First Blog Post Ever!

Hello BlogWorld!
Its looong since i wanted to start blogging. Finally, the time seems to have come...
The one question which strikes me now is - why am i blogging ? and even more generally, why do people blog ? What is the psychology behind blogging ?
IMO, the biggest reason people are starting to blog is because, they wish to keep up with those who blog. They think not blogging is being left behind. It must be something like peer-pressure. Publicizing oneself must be another reason. Most of us would not mind a bit of (positive)publicity. A common man has hardly any ways to 'broadcast' his opinions. What better way to publicize one self, than to write on the internet ? The Internet due to its nature can (practically) guarantee anonymity. Blogging is also used for cribbing or opening up or expressing frustration. A blog is probably the best place to write something sarcastic about a useless teacher you had in college ;) Last but not the least, people blog to earn money!
Recently, neuroscientists have unearthed the fact that blogging is beneficial for physically as well as mentally ill patients, in addition to normal people. Hope that, blogging releases some extra dopamine into my brain too ;)

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